of Czech and Slovak Refractory Manufacturers

Representatives of major companies producing refractory materials formed in 2001 an international association of manufacturers from the Czech and Slovak Republics. The association was founded as an interest association of legal entities, whose basic goal is to defend the interests of manufacturers of refractory materials and seek solutions to all challenges in the common issues of our field. The members of the association focus on increasing competitiveness within the continuous development of their activities. Together they coordinate and implement solutions and find new starting points. Effective use of the common human and knowledge potential, they thus strengthen their market position. All joint meetings and activities are based on friendship.

The Association of Czech and Slovak Refractory Manufacturers – AČSVŽ is a member of the European Federation of Refractory Manufacturers – PRE based in Brussels. Founded in 1953, PRE is also a non-profit organization representing manufacturers from 16 countries across Europe and individual members – Europe’s largest manufacturer of refractory materials.

PRE represents the interests of its members in European Union legislation and standardization and its activities are aimed at achieving objectives through cooperation with the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, and European Council) and a wide range of partners such as the European Commission for Standardization (CEN), the European Confederation Trade (Business Europe) and other associations Eurofer (steel industry) CEMBUREAU (cement industry), CEFIC (chemical industry), IMA-Europe (mineral industry), Euromines (mining industry), etc.

PRE is a member of Cerame-Unie, representing the European ceramics industry. Cerame-Unie represents more than 2,000 manufacturers from all over Europe.

Founding members of the association:

  • Dinas Banská Belá, a.s., Banská Belá, Slovak Republic
  • Keravit, s.r.o., Ostrava – Vítkovice, Czech Republic
  • LOVINIT, a.s., Lovinobaňa, Slovak Republic
  • Moravské keramické závody a.s., Rájec – Jestřebí, Czech Republic
  • Moravské šamotové a lupkové závody a.s., Velké Opatovice, Czech Republic
  • Refractory Slovakia, s.r.o., Košice, Slovak Republic
  • REFRASIL, s.r.o., Třinec – Konská, Czech Republic
  • SILIKE s.r.o., Prague, Czech Repubglic
  • Slovenské magnezitové závody, a.s., Jelšava, Slovak Republic
  • SLOVMAG, a.s., Lubenik, Slovak Republic
  • ŠAMO, s.r.o., Liberec, Czech Republic
  • ZEOLIT Kladno s.r.o., Kladno, Czech Republic
  • ŽÁROHMOTY, s.r.o., Třemošná, Czech Republic
  • ŽIAROMAT a.s., Kalinovo, Slovak Republic


Association seat:

Průmyslová 720, Konská,
739 61 Třinec
Czech Republic

Statutory authority:

Ing. Stanislav Dvořák

Association president

Tel .: + 420 516 493 411


Members of the Executive Committee:

Ing. Stanislav Dvořák – P-D Refractories CZ – president

Other members:

Ing. Roman Gažúr – SMZ, a.s.

Ing. Miroslav Pszcolka – Vesuvisus Czech Republic a.s.

Ing. Miroslav Bruk – Refrasil, s.r.o.

Ing. Milan Kvetko – Slovmag, a.s. Ing. Vladimir Petrov – RMS, a.s.